Flower Festival 'Twixt Sea & Forest'

Welcome to the Lymington Flower Festival. The stunning displays you are about to enjoy have been designed to showcase the unique location of our beautiful town. We hope you will be reminded of walks in the forest or of adventures on the Solent and your senses will be stimulated by all that is around you.

The exhibit to commemorate the 90th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II represents the astonishing achievement of a truly remarkable lady. It is fitting to include this tribute here in our Parish Church. The longest reigning British monarch is Supreme Governor of the Church of England. She attends church regularly, prays daily but never tells anyone to go to church.

The scaffolding that has clothed the tower and cupola of St Thomas Church reminds us of the responsibility we all share to repair and maintain this historic building. We must also consider helping those people in our community who need our support too.

Our sponsors’ generosity enables us to buy so many stunning flowers and ensures that your donation will benefit St. Thomas Church Cupola Appeal and The Rose Road Association. The charity provides education, respite and outreach care for profoundly disabled children and young adults in the New Forest. We are grateful for your donation today. Thank you for coming.

Daphne Johnston and Janice Viveash
Festival Organisers

The Queen's 90th Birthday

Happy Birthday

By Daphne Johnston, sponsored by J&R Dowlen

Free Flow

Free Flow

By Shelagh Richardson

Feel of the Forest

Feel of the Forest

A stunning design inspired by the Floral Embroidery Artist Zita Elze emulating the word of God that flows from the pulpit.

By Mala Williams & Pippa Bensley

Meadow Trail

Meadow Trail

A super interpretation of a wild meadow stretching through the centre of the Choir leading the eye up to the High Altar.

Alison Baker & Merle Youngman, sponsored by A&R Baker